Gearbox repairs

A gearbox is a device which is used to increase as well as decrease torque (this is a twisting force which causes rotation) through the increase or reduction of speed. Therefore a gearbox is used to change the speed of a moving vehicle. Due to wear over time, gearbox repairs are needed. There are a variety of issues that could go wrong and then need repairing.


Signs that your gearbox needs repairing:

Your gears are slipping

When you are putting your car into gear it should not slip out and if it does, it is obvious that you have a fault. A likely cause of this is that the gears themselves are worn down and will have to be replaced. If you do not repair this, it will only get worst over time.

Gears are noisy whilst in neutral

If you are hearing a lot more noise then you usually do when your car is in neutral, then double check the levels of fluid and try topping it up as it could be low levels of transmission fluid causing this problem.

Burning smell from your car

When it comes to your gearbox, a burning smell can be caused from the transmission fluid overheating. If you ignore the burning smell and do not get a gearbox repair then this could lead for you to have an entire transmission replacement.

Shaking or grinding

A car should never shake, however grinding and shaking is a common symptom of a faulty gearbox when you move from one gear to another. If you ignore this issue, it will only get worse and you will end up acquiring a higher repair cost.

Along with all these signs, there are a variety of other signs that you should look out for as these are only the main factors. These include:

• Leaking fluids

• No response from your gearbox

• Strange noises from the gearbox

• Won’t go into gear

Whether your gearbox needs fixing or replacing, the price will vary from one place to the next but you should get the problem fixed as soon as you can possibly do so to stop yourself incurring a higher gearbox repair cost.